The timeless love for leather has held many spellbound for centuries and will continue to weave its magic for eternity. 

 A tribute to all things natural, Love Leather is a collective platform that unites artists, crafts-persons and buyers in order to promote the rural heritage and craftsmanship of India. A rebel with a design philosophy capturing exquisite artistry, quality products and inimitable style, we bring to you authentic designs in a range for both men and women.The idea is to bring together unique and specially handcrafted leather products, made in India, designed for people who like to carry with them an attitude, not just an accessory. 

We use 100% genuine and sustainable leather which is sourced from responsible tanneries and is nature friendly. All our products are manifestations of the hard-work of Indian crafts-persons who are at the core of Love Leather. We are indeed indebted to the hands and hearts behind the products you see and we laud the handiwork  of our craftsmen and are proud of the heritage that has driven this movement on leather craft. 



We value the love, passion and creativity that goes into creating these high quality affordable art on craft that are second to none. Not just an everyday product, a lot of effort and research has gone into making each piece an impeccable work of art and it was this calling that helped us bring together artists and visionaries to share with you our love for leather, together.

Apart from sharing our love for crafts, this initiative has been undertaken to create an awareness that promotes the true aesthetics and values of handmade, customised Indian artifacts. We aim at creating a platform that provides a channel for artisans to showcase their skills to the global market.To culturally revive traditional art forms from villages and tribes that have long been forgotten is an endeavour that would improve the livelihood and reduce migration of the conventional skilled artisans. 

All our products are hand crafted and hand painted with sustainable and natural materials like jute, bamboo and canvas and our range includes Wallets, Clutches, Hand Bags, Totes, Laptop Sleeves, Pen Holders, Organisers, Pouches and much more. 

We at Love Leather believe in a style statement that will never go out of fashion.